A TEENAGER from Liverpool is being praised after she saved the life of a fellow passenger on a flight from Malaga.

Aimee Pye, 21, jumped to the aid of a 19-year-old boy who was having a violent seizure on the easyJet flight.

She said: “I helped because I knew first aid as a volunteer with St John´s Ambulance.

“The stewardesses and his family all thanked me and said they didn´t know what they would have done without me, a sure statement that they were unaware of what to do.”

The boy made a full recovery during the flight, declining the offer of an ambulance or wheelchair assistance once the plane had landed in Liverpool.


  1. Well done, but I doubt she “Saved the life”. Caring for someone having a Grand Mal epileptic fit is often more about preventing them injuring themselves. But again, well done. People should learn about the condition and read up on what to do, and not be frightened.

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