AN Easyjet flight from London Gatwick to Malaga was today forced to divert at the last minute due to strong winds caused by Storm Juan.

The A320 plane was preparing to land when it suddenly became overwhelmed by crosswinds, forcing the pilot to take it back into the skies.

The flight was diverted to Almeria, where it was scheduled to wait before taking the passengers back to Malaga.

Following the incident, the control tower at Malaga Airport re-configured the runways to avoid further aircraft being affected by the crosswinds.

The flight has been diverted to Almeria (stock image)

It comes as Storm Juan continues to bring rainfall and strong gusts of wind across much of Spain today.

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There are yellow weather warnings in place for Friday with winds reaching up to 60km/hr.

According to state weather agency AEMET, there are also stormy conditions at sea, with waves along the Costa del Sol reaching up to three metres in height.

While there has been blasts of rain across Malaga province, they have been described by Aemet as generally weak.

According to forecasts, there will be no more rain from Saturday and throughout the whole of next week.

In fact, towards next weekend, parts of the province, including Marbella, could see highs of 22C.

While it’s good news for sunseekers, it’s bad news for the environment, with Andalucia and other parts of Spain suffering their worst drought for decades.

This week, Juanma Moreno, President of Andalucia, warned there could be water restrictions within weeks ‘unless it rains for 30 days straight’.

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