A LEADING American TV producer has been forced to deny he is stirring up political conflict with a new show about an American battalion fighting in the Spanish Civil War.

The Wire creator David Simon has based his series A Dry Run on a group of Americans who came to fight against former dictator Franco in the 1930s.

Created in collaboration with Barcelona-based Mediapro, it tells of the bravery of the legion, who fought for the democratically-elected Republic.

However, Simon has been accused of ‘trying to start another civil war’ by various Twitter followers.

One described it as a ‘very sad episode…which should not be taken lightly.’

Simon, however, defended the series insisting that while he was aware that ‘many in Spain preferred no reflections on the past’, as a journalist he did not agree.

His critically-acclaimed show The Wire was described as ‘the best TV series ever’ by the Guardian.

The Civil War and Franco dictatorship remain a deeply sensitive issue in Spain, with recent events in Catalunya leading to accusations of the government being fascist.

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