A rare codex dating back to the 13th century has been recovered in Spain after it went missing in 1938.

A soldier 84 years ago stopped the priceless ‘Fuero de Brihuega’ from being burned when his military unit took over Brihuega in Guadalajara during the Civil War.

The Guardia Civil said a father and son found the ancient codex and had its authenticity confirmed by a Barcelona auction house.

How and where the document was discovered has not been disclosed.

It will be officially handed over on Friday evening by the Guardia to Brihuega mayor, Luis Viejo Esteban in a ceremony at Piedra Bermeja castle.

Experts described the codex as being of ‘incalculable value’ and had been well preserved.

Codex Image 2

The ‘Fuero de Brihuega’ catalogues the laws of 1242 and the penalties for breaking them.

The codex is over 70 pages long and is written on parchment paper.

Its pages are sandwiched between two thick walnut panels that are bound by four strips of leather.

The manuscript is signed by the archbishop and other clerical officers.

The medieval handwriting is in what as described as ‘French’ typeface and in various colours.


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