Coronation Street
Coronation Street

THOUSANDS of expats are now receiving a perfect view of Eastenders and Coronation Street by connecting their TVs to 4G.

Telitec, one of the largest communication company’s in Spain outside the main providers, help more than 25,000 homeowners get connected to the internet and their favourite UK TV programmes.

With 4G offering a connection speed of between 55 to 70 MB a minute, the benefits of switching to the service are huge for IPTV users.

“If you have 4G you not only have great speeds but can also be fully portable, with a simple plug in and play unit,” explained Cheryl Summers.

Telitec cover all of Spain and the Isles, with various services and can advise on the best options for your requirements at great prices.

Their multilingual services and support team offer expert advice on the latest internet technology as well as mobile services and TV.

Telitec IPTV box offers over 60 channels and a catch-up service, you will never miss your favourite programme again.


  1. “4G offering a connection speed of between 55 to 70 MB a minute”

    Hmm, maybe in a city. If you are close to a mast then you’ll get high speeds, but in Spain it can differ so widely. The “cover all of Spain” claim is quite irrelevant when it comes to 4G, and even 3G for that matter.

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