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Video conference calls present business with a great opportunity

Video conference
VIDEO CONFERENCE: Smart move for business

Growing Credibility with Conference Calls

Everyone knows that the world is continuing to become more interdependent all of the time. More companies aren’t just looking for help in their backyards anymore, they are scouring every opportunity to find the right place to get ahead. As simple as it sounds, if you are intending to compete online you had better be prepared to put on your best face and show how good you are. Even though there is a stigma with doing business overseas for many older and more established companies, if you can prove that you are a trustworthy face with a legitimate company, then you have a great opportunity to reel in business. The only thing you need to do is find a way to present yourself correctly.

VIDEO CONFERENCE: Smart move for business
VIDEO CONFERENCE: Smart move for business

Let Them See Your Face!

While you may not have the ability to look like a supermodel, you do have the ability to show people your face! Video conferencing applications and software in general allows any potential business opportunity to go from a cold call, to a warm smile in just a few seconds. Even though the NBC Dateline piece has been recreated multiple times over, the results keep returning with identical conclusions. In short, people trust good looking and well put together people a lot more than they would for less attractive people.

If someone will start to trust you and be more receptive to you if you simply give them a well put together face to look at, you can have these results apply for all almost any potential encounter. Trust may be easy to break, but it’s even easier to win over if someone is professional with their appearance. By using these skills and online conferencing, businesses truly can catapult that level of familiarity in no time at all.

Conveying Professionalism Can Hook Your Viewers

An interesting and detailed piece by Mystic Madness not only shows the importance of conveying professionalism in general, but it also shows exactly why you can have your viewers hooked by doing it the right way. By establishing yourself as a professional you are becoming an asset in your field and not just a potential business partner. Furthermore, any sort of message you are trying to convey makes it seem like it’s no longer a simple message, but rather a viable and powerful message that needs to be heard. To put it in simple terms, if you are professional you are credible, and if you are credible you are able to stick with others for the long haul.

Certain areas and markets are thriving in the international business landscape thanks to the abilities of conference calling through software and apps. When some members of the staff of Blue Jeans were asked about how they can bring professionalism to the workplace through a virtual conference call, they had nothing but rave reviews. The amount of businesses that have seen success and growth in the international field has grown by leaps and bounds, and the ability to have long term success is because of the trust that comes from seeing a professional face.

Win Them Over Then Follow It Up

So many individuals and organizations alike will spend more time than you would believe when it comes to trying to attract customers, clients, viewers and subscribers. They will spend more resources than they would even like to admit to simply get people to buy in to their message and their organization. And then they screw the whole thing up by not devoting a fraction of the resources that they used to lure a customer in to help service that customer’s needs. That’s one of the quickest ways to lose customers (and potential customers when the news gets out). The worst part about losing a customer or a partner when it comes to a lack of service is that you probably don’t have a very good chance of truly winning them back. What’s done is done.

The best way to overcome the poor service problem is to give people a live person. It may be a little bit more difficult in general to float a higher budget in the customer service department, and you might not like the fact that you have to deal with people while you have a smile on your face all of the time, but you truly can make a difference when it comes to service.

Any organization has to choose what model works best for them. However, the international marketplace is just continuing to open up faster than ever before. People are able to get the trust and confidence that they need for countless products and services simply because the way that communication takes place has taken a major jump forward. With the ability to video conference and not only establish new connections but also service existing customers and clients, the business word truly is becoming a more connected landscape.

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