Trapiche del Prado
Trapiche del Prado

IT’S sad to see a present go on the scrap heap.

And that is effectively what has happened to the handsome Trapiche del Prado property and adjoining sugar refinery, gifted to Marbella to become a public senior citizens’ home.

The stunning 19th century industrial building in San Pedro de Alcantara that was donated by Marbelli Mateo Alvarez in 1992 has stood empty and in ruins ever since.

But although council plans to bring the building work to fruition were repeatedly scrapped, all is not lost.

Because Marbella town hall culture councillor Gema Midon claims she wants to stop the deterioration process.

“Rebuilding el Trapiche requires a huge amount of money and lots of time,” said Midon.

“But we are looking at a long-term project and our first priority is to slow down the decay and reinforce the structure,” she added.

After analysing the state of the haunting property, it was stated that although plans are not yet fixed, that a first phase of improvements will take place in 2016.

El Trapiche may become a ‘cultural space’, museum or possibly an exhibition hall.

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