Mariano Rajoy
TAX BREAK: Over-65s to benefit from Rajoy policy

MARIANO Rajoy has said he would slash income tax (IRPF) for over-65s who continue to work.

The Spanish prime minister made the pledge as polls show all four main parties neck and neck in the major cities.

The PP, PSOE, Podemos and Ciudadanos are still battling for votes among the 40% of Spaniards yet to decide who to vote for.

As well as cutting IRPF for the over-65s, PP leader Rajoy also pledged to exempt those starting in their first year of work from the tax.

Rajoy goes head-to-head with PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez in Monday night’s live TV debate.


  1. Potential retirees can no longer retire in Spain. Their children are still living with them until into their 40’s+ because there are no jobs or prospects, so they have to keep working to pay for it all. Most of the youth are leaving Spain in their droves, so the OAPs now need the tax benefits instead.

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