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Spanish celebrity chef turned away from London eatery for scruffiness

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sketchyYOU’D think being a treble Michelin-starred chef would give you carte blanche in London’s top eateries.

But Madrid’s DiverXO chef David Munoz had a nasty surprise when smart celeb hotspot restaurant Sketch turned him and TV presenter wife Cristina Pedroche away because they were wearing trainers.

He took to twitter to vent his rage, saying ‘Really? In London? In 2015? Absolutely unbelievable’, before posting a photo of his red Nike trainers which retail at over €100.

“At Sketch, men must wear a smart jacket and you simply won’t be allowed in if you are wearing shorts or trainers,” Sketch’s duty manager told the Olive Press.

Iona Napier

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  1. If them’s the rules them’s the rules. Nice to see they didn’t make any allowances because he was a “celebrity”.
    Why is he going to a top London restaurant in trainers anyway? Go to a fast food place in trainers not a restaurant. Just wrong regardless of the year. And to be indignant about it shows even less class. You’re a cook man not Lawrence Olivier!

  2. Bluemoon,
    that really is a stupid comment – do you always obey orders. It shows just how programmed so many Brits are – who does the programming and why and for what purpose.

    Such pompous rules belong in the dustbin of history. It as nothing to do with common sense and everything to do with class snobbery. Like stupid Tories and servile working class fools berating Corbyn for not wearing a tie.Just what is a tie – a useless piece of material that has no rational function.

    It is this kind of outdated stupidity that show the world that Britain is stuck in the past. In France in any gastronomic restaurant you can turn up in tee shirt and shorts and many do.

    I well remember turning up at Ronnie Scots Jazz club and being told I could’nt come in because I was’nt wearing a tie – a Jazz club of all things. Thery got a real verbal roasting from me and tose I was with and quite right too.

    If you want to be a pathetic serf and give lip service to a way of life that thank goodness has disappeared in the rest of the world fine but don’t expect those with self respect to follow suit.

  3. if your going out for a meal why does it matter what clothes you wear? I agree that turning up in dirty work clothes to a posh eatery is not good but trainers and clean jeans or even in the summer dress shorts should be fine by me and I am 63. when I go to Spain I have no problems getting served in flip flops never mind trainers!

  4. If a restaurant has a dress code they are well within their rights to turn away anyone they wish. If a no-mark ‘celebrity’ chef from Spain thinks that they will change the rules for him, he is going to be in for a shock.
    Plus his red trainers are crap.

  5. I applaud the restaurant managament, it is about time standards were raised, i have been to Michellin starred restaurants and clients are wearing flip flips, i would turf them out.

    • Most of the problems this World has is lack of standards. In addition attitudes like “what does it matter” are symptomatic of the liberal attitude that means that the police and teachers and hospital staff get grief. If you go to a funeral you gonna wear trainers Stuart? Showing respect is important. As soon as people started accepting that their kids could tell teachers that they didnt want to do something or could stop wearing uniforms or wearing jewellery was ok was the start of the decline in our society. Lilly livered socialists and liberals like to think they have the moral high ground but sometimes it is important to have standards.

  6. Stefanjo – Society always has and always will set the standards. Unfortunately there are too many lilly livered liberals letting those standards fall so that people lack respect for authority. I haven’t got a high browed (*sp*) attitude I just dislike the fact that kids these days are brought up to believe they can do what they want and it is not a good thing. If someone owns a business and wants to say that everyone eating there must wear morning suit that is up to them. May not be good for business but it is THEIR business.

  7. Quite right Bluemoon, not everyone agrees with the ‘let it all hang out’ thing and if a restaurant wants to have a dress code it is up to them and they usually make it clear so if you don’t like it, don’t go there.

  8. The “Rule Book” that you are looking for is built into you, some people may call it self respect and manners. You wear what makes you feel happy, when I am working in the garden I wear old clothes , if I am going out for a nice meal I will don my shoes and shirt. If the place I wanted to eat at requested that I wear a Kilt then I would eat somewhere else, their choice and it is not down to me to force my opinion on them.

  9. Bluemoon,
    you are the elites perfected product. It was fools like you who obeyed orders and went off to be exterminated by generals of the elite in the slaughterhouse of the Western Front and at Gallipoli.

    Sorry to say but I don’t find any of those soldiers be they Brits/Germans/Austrians/Italians to be heroes. For me they were cowards who questioned nothing and meekly accepted dying for sod all. They could of course have turned round and executed without pity the officer corps had a good bevy with their former enemies and all gone home but that requires real mental courage and it simply was’nt there and what’s more it is’nt there today either.

    You talk about children who have no respect. That has nothing to do with society but a complete lack of self respect and self imposed discipline by the lousy parents.

    Why don’t you mention the centuries old problem of drunken English, known throughout Europe for their antisocial behaviour. Indeed a lot of the youth drinking culture that has taken hold in so many European countries was learned from the English by foreign language students but you make no mention of this. How many winos on the street were indoctrinated into this degenerate lifestyle by their sergeants in the armed forces. In the officers mess too drunkeness is part and parcel of the culture as well – why not have a rant about this instead.

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