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Spanish chef Dabiz Muñoz is crowned best in the WORLD for the third year running – here’s where you...

MADRID'S Dabiz Muñoz has been crowned the best chef in the world for the third time in a row. Muñoz once again triumphed at the...

Apple CEO Tim Cook enjoy’s a special meal and live music concert in Spain’s capital Madrid

THE CEO of technology giant Apple, Tim Cook, made a visit to Spain this weekend, the day after the company launched its latest smartphone,...

Spain now has two restaurants ranked in world’s top five

TWO restaurants in Spain have won coveted places in the top five of the list of the World’s Best 50 Restaurants in 2022. The awards...

DiverXo: ‘World’s best chef’ David Muñoz raises price tag to become the most expensive restaurant in Spain

JUST months after Spain’s culinary whizz kid David 'Dabiz' Muñoz was voted ‘Best Chef in the World’ he has upped the price of a tasting...

REVIEW: is Madrid’s Diverxo chef Dabiz Munoz really the best in the world? He’s not far off, thinks the...

With news that Dabiz Muñoz has just been named the world's best chef, check out the review by Olive Press editor Jon Clarke of DiverXo restaurant in Madrid.

Dabiz Muñoz of Madrid’s DiverXo restaurant named ‘Best Chef in the World’ topping list dominated by Spanish talent

MADRID chef Dabiz Muñoz has scooped the top prize in The Best Chef Awards 2021 in a list dominated by Spanish talent. The 41 year-old...

Spanish celebrity chef turned away from London eatery for scruffiness

Madrid’s DiverXO chef David Munoz had a nasty surprise when smart celeb hotspot restaurant Sketch turned him away

Spanish restaurants head for the stars in 2016 Michelin Guide

Spain’s galaxy of Michelin stars features eight restaurants with three, 23 with two and 157 with one

King Felipe’s food secrets and handsome new beard-less look

King Felipe’s svelte new look comes thanks to a mindful Mediterranean diet, a sporty lifestyle and a close shave

Mud, glorious mud for chef David Munoz at Spartan Race Madrid

Michelin-starred chef David Munoz and his TV presenter girlfriend Cristina Pedroche took on Spain’s most gruelling obstacle course together

Trio of Michelin-starred chefs to bring gourmet food to Madrid

Celebrity chefs David Munoz, Roberto Ruiz and Jordi Roca are opening a store in Madrid

Michelin-starred trio make luxury food affordable in Madrid

David Munoz of DiverXO, Roberto Ruiz of Punto MX and Jordi Roca of El Celler de Can Roca launch El Corte Ingles food court

David Munoz: ‘I needed a shrink with all the pressure of Michelin success’

DiverXo top chef David Munoz reeals what the hardships related to reaching for Michelin stars

VIDEO: Spanish celebrity chef roasts beef with the British ambassador in Madrid

New Youtube video set in the kitchen promotes Spanish investment in Britain

Star quality

‘Brutal touch’ creates a miracle in Madrid as young punk wins three Michelin-star accolade for Madrid




Romantische Innenhöfe- Seit Jahrhunderten spielen die sogenannten Patios eine wichtige Rolle in der spanischen Architektur und Kultur

Seit Jahrhunderten spielen die sogenannten Patios eine wichtige Rolle in der spanischen Architektur und Kultur, bei denen die Grenzen zwischen Innen- und Außenbereich nahtlos...
Spain's top banks are rolling in cash after bumper 2022 profits



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