Sugar-and-SpiceWHEN British couple Andy and Debbie Wilkes moved to Competa just over a decade ago they decided to open a shop serving the surrounding Axarquia area.

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Falling in love with the town, the former IT consultants, hoped that selling a mix of British foods, plus local arts and crafts would prove to be profitable.

And so it came to pass, with the shop Sugar and Spice thriving to become one of the true success stories of the town.

Now ten years on, they have a second shop across the road specialising in bespoke furniture, mostly imported from Morocco.

Their love for Moroccan furniture began after an Easter trip, where they fell in love with the arabesque furniture.

As well as the furniture they also stock many other Moroccan crafts produced in the souks by artisans, all at excellent prices.

As Debbie explains: “As the furniture side of the business started to grow we increased not only our range of furniture but also giftware. We’re always on the look-out for something a bit different and try to keep the ranges constantly changing.”

And while the furniture side of the business takes precedent, the food side has also continued to grow.

“Our customers have helped us develop our range of baking products and also kept us in touch with what’s hot on the biscuits and cakes front.

“And one thing we’ve learnt is that people like variety so we also have plenty of spices and ingredients from around the world.”

And to help their customers, they even have a selection of recipes on their website.

Another branch to the company is the ladies boutique, provide style at affordable prices with individually picked items and plenty of choice.

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