18 Jan, 2016 @ 09:35
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Italians ditch Med diet for fast food

Med diet

SPANIARDS are remaining faithful to the Mediterranean diet when all around them appear to be jumping ship.

An obesity epidemic has been predicted for Italy after a University of Rome study revealed that Italians were swapping olives and fish for Big Macs and fries.

Fast food profits have risen by 12% in Italy as punters ditch the traditional diet. No such figures can be reported in Spain however, where fast food intake has remained much the same as the previous year.

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Rob Horgan

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  1. The trouble isn’t only the ready fast food. When in a supermarket, observe the microwave fast food that overweight people are putting in their carts, then read the labels and notice the fat, sugar and salt content.

  2. This started in the USA and was exported to Europe via the UK. This is a really smart move by the elites. It makes them good profits and makes the ordinary people easy to control as fatties don’t make good revolutionary soldiers.

    Coca Cola started out as a natural amphetamine drink – made from the coca leaf chewed by the indigenous peoples in South America and cola nitida chewed by West Africans. In it’s concentrated form it has to be transported with a hazardous chemicals sign – and still the idiots drink this crap, same as all the highly sugared drinks. Red Bull – have you ever tasted this liquid crap- disgusting.

    Advertising is a highly developed form of successful suggestive brainwashing. If people deprogrammed themselves, then the whole insane consumer society collapses. That is why the elites all over the world in 2008 were desperate to keep people spending. Supposing they stopped buying irrelevant crap they really did’nt need. Stopped eating out and bought basic ingredients to make their own meals. Learned how to walk again and did’nt replace their car as they were programmed to do. Stayed at home for holidays – welcome to the real world.

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