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New research: Mediterranean diet can slash risk of dementia by 23%

Eating a "Mediterranean-like diet" can lower the risk of developing dementia by up to 23%, according to new research. The groundbreaking study, published on Tuesday...

Link between Mediterranean diet and improved cardiovascular health study finds

Nutrients and phytochemicals in the Mediterranean diet drastically improves cardiovascular health, according to a new study.  The Food Research International study looked at elderly Mediterraneans...

Is this the end for Spain’s traditional ‘Menu Del Dia’?

SPAIN'S Ministry of Health has rubbished claims that bars and restaurants will be forced to exclude alcoholic drinks from their traditional 'Menu del Dia'. The...

Spain’s obesity problem worsens during pandemic with half of population now considered overweight

AUTHORITIES in Spain have expressed alarm at Spain’s growing obesity problem as new data reveals more than half of the population is overweight. According to...

Spanish girls second most obese in Europe and boys fourth most, as Mediterranean diet in decline

A ‘decline’ in the Mediterranean diet, which includes, fish, nuts, olive oil, fruit and vegetables, has been blamed by scientists for the poor results of Spain

Spain crowned world’s healthiest country due to ‘Mediterranean diet’

A ‘Mediterranean diet’, rich in olive oil, nuts, oily fish and vegetables, is thought to be behind the health benefits of Spain and Italy

Residents in Spain will have longest life expectancy in world by 2040

Spanish residents are predicted to enjoy an average lifespan of 85.8 years

Spanish scientists say Mediterranean diet improves sperm quality

It has been said that consuming fish, seafood, poultry, cereals, vegetables and fruits, low-fat dairy and skimmed milk can improve sperm quality

Andalucia named Spain’s leading food and drink exporter

China, the US and Australia were among the biggest buyers
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Olive oil masterclass launched in Benalmadena

“We are going to teach cooking to the cooks,” said school founder Jose Antonio Amerigo

Italians ditch Med diet for fast food

Spaniards are remaining faithful to the Mediterranean diet when all around them appear to be jumping ship

Nutrition expert claims Spanish meat eaters harming ozone

Last year the average Spaniard ate a staggering 51 kilos of meat

Alzheimer’s can be prevented by Mediterranean diet

The report says the lack of red meat and dairy products may be linked to losing fewer brain cells as people age

Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of breast cancer

A high intake of fish, plant foods and olive oil has been linked to the reduced risk of breast cancer

Beer is good for you, according to new research

Apparently the beverage is great for people with high blood pressure

Mediterranean diet helps prevent diabetes

It doesn't just help reduce dementia, new research suggests it's diabetes too!

Med diet prevents dementia

Diet rich in nuts and olive oil is a great way to prevent brain illness

Mediterranean diet could reduce risk of heart-related illnesses by 30%

New Spanish trial cut short after 'amazing' results

Anyone fancy a green ‘testicle’?

With the avocado season in full swing, James Bryce discovers there is no better time to enjoy a fruit which takes its name from a Mexican word meaning male genitalia

‘Mediterranean’ diet should include avocados, says expert

After all, they did arrive in Spain around the same time as the tomato

Butter warning is good news for Med diet

Risk of Alzheimer´s increased by high levels of saturated fats

Mediterranean diet adds years to your life

Researchers claim it can help prevent cancer, heart disease and the ageing process

Mediterranean diet could help women conceive

A diet rich in fruit and veg, fish and whole grains can lead to increased fertility according to a study

Fat profits for Spanish fast food

Fast food joints are bucking the recession – further sounding the death knell for the Mediterranean diet

On the up for olives

Healthy Mediterranean snack now set to pip the peanut with UK consumers




Brits continue to be the most important tourists in Spain, new figures show

UK TOURISTS visiting Spain during the first 10 months of 2023 totalled just under 15.5 million people- an annual rise of 14.3%. The British market...


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