IT’S official: Spain is the number one destination for expat happiness. 

ABTA predict massive 2016 for Spanish holidays
ABTA predict massive 2016 for Spanish holidays

However, if it’s fulfilling work you’re after, head to Russia, while most people moving to be nearer their partner go to Mexico.

The study of 30,000 expats across the globe, commissioned by HSBC, measured various happiness factors, with Spain emerging on top overall, followed by New Zealand and Mexico.

Spain gained top brownie points for expats who said they have a more active social life than at home, and helping them to feel healthier than at home, and for expats who feel healthier than they do at home.

Elsewhere,New Zealand came up trumps for work/life balance as well as quality of life.

Interestingly, Mexico was also number one for expats who enjoy immersing themselves in the culture of their new country.


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