streetlight ex mayor salado (1)
SALADO: Former PP mayor

YOU’D think 2,500 streetlights would be easy to spot.

But Rincon de  la  Victoria Town Hall is unable to locate the streetlights allegedly installed by the previous PP council.

Councillor Jose Maria Gomez has requested more information from former PP mayor Francisco Salado of the expensive order made with suppliers Endesa-Enel Sole in 2013.

So far only 300 lights have been located and Gomez suspects the others were either sold, recycled or turned into scrap without record.

The former mayor insisted the allegations were false and all the necessary information was available at the town hall.

“It is surreal and says a lot of Gomez’s management that he has to call a meeting to find materials that he should be responsible for,” he said.


  1. I’ve got 70 of them on the rural lane outside my house in Mojacar. There are less than a dozen houses in my (unnamed) street, a street with no pavement, nor need for one. The streetlights showed up days before the elections last May. I wonder where the rest went?

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