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EACH new year and season brings with it brand new fashion trends and glasses are no different.

So this month I wanted to share the latest styles in classy glasses and how to look spectacular in your specs.

What are the key trends for 2016?

Blurred Lines. This classic yet cool trend includes traditional finishes merged with contemporary silhouettes, heavier brows and thinner rims, cut-out patterning and soft, muted colours.

Contemporary Pop. Heavier, acetate materials featuring strong bursts of colour are combined with exaggerated shapes and sports influences. Key shades include soft indigo, cool blue, custard yellow, magenta haze and radiant orange.

How can I choose the right glasses to make me look my best?

The first thing to consider is your face shape, as different style glasses will suit different types. Oval faces suit almost all shapes, whereas rectangular faces must avoid small, square specs and try a wide frame with a strong top line.

You also need to take into account your colouring and find the right match for your hair colour and skin type. Blondes should try lightweight styles with delicate colour effects that add warmth to your skin tone. If you have dark hair, try any of the metallic frames, especially simple shapes and colours.

Finally, think of your glasses as an extension of your wardrobe and an accessory to dress your face! This way you will complement your fashion sense with your glasses choice and set off your look perfectly.

How can I make sure the glasses fit right?

A perfect fit is paramount. That’s why Specsavers has introduced a new cutting-edge way of selecting and fitting customers’ glasses, using imaging software on tablet devices. Digital Precision Eyecare ensures everyone receives the right professional care and advice in frame selection and dispensing for their prescription, vision and lifestyle needs.

If you want help choosing your next pair of glasses, pop into your local Specsavers Opticas where our trained style advisors can help you choose the right frame. Specsavers also offer fantastic two-for-one deals, so you can have styles for both work and play.

On the Costa del Sol there are Specsavers Opticas stores in Marbella and Fuengirola. Visit to find your nearest shop and book an appointment.

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