Ghost-airportA CONCERNED mother has slammed Malaga airport for failing to do basic security checks.

Marbella-based Hayley Malli, 38, was shocked when her 16-year-old daughter passed through security with a razor, tweezers and various liquids.

She also carried a ‘massive’ pair of scissors in a pencil case.

“Security didn’t even check her bag,” Malli told the Olive Press, last night.

“She didn’t realise she wasn’t allowed to take them but it is very worrying that so many forbidden items can get through.”

The mother-of-two, who runs Karma Beach restaurant in Marbella, continued: “I have been flying in and out of that airport for some 36 years and it’s always been the same.

“In the UK they are so much tighter, while here it is often laughable. It concerns me with all the recent terrorist attacks in Belgium and Paris.”

Meanwhile pensioner Barry Gorst revealed that he had formally complained to the airport for ‘a total lack of security’ in the arrival halls.

“It took eight minutes for the information desk to find a security guard when I was being harassed by a drunk waiting for a friend on Sunday night,” said the former estate agent.

“Barcelona is teeming with armed police and I am worried that the Costa del Sol will be targeted this summer,” added the expat, who has lived in Spain for 35 years.

The news comes as Spain’s Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz announced airport security will be ramped up following the ISIS terrorist attack in Brussels last week.

However, the national terror alert will not be stepped up from level four – the highest level since the 2006 Madrid bombings which killed 191.

Malaga airport press office told the Olive Press this was ‘a government matter’.


  1. Ribcon Cross that is a stupid suggestion. The women was quite rightly bringing to attention thae lack of suitable security at the airport. I’ve spent half my life travelling by air & whilst I’ve found security checks quite annoying at times, I’d far rather have them than not. Malaga airport does not have a tradition of having much security & I’d agree with the lady that in these days & times, it should be immediately ramped up to a high standard. Let’s not wait until the inevitable happens.

  2. Malaga is a soft target for ISIS, cars double parked dropping off people anyone can just walk into the airport with anything and no one even checks, I don’t like going near the place never mind what you can take through.

  3. Ok so my getting thru Malaga airport security is already a nightmare and now they will be even worse. Apart from Manchester airport Malaga is the worst for jobsworth’s and slovenliness. I’ve been there when the girl gets up from her chair behind the screen to go for a break leaving the chair unmanned and minutes later there are 20 people thru the scan and waiting for bags that aren’t moving….then guaranteed one in three when its busy has the extra swab test.
    Many thanks for making my journey even more unbearable by firstly stupidly letting your daughter carry such stuff and then having the audacity to complain! Jesus! All this security achives nothing anyway as we have seen. Just jobs for the boys.

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