8 May, 2024 @ 15:11
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Drought latest in Spain: Malaga reservoirs hold less water than a year ago, latest figures show – as province prepares to fill 75,000 swimming pools

MALAGA reservoirs are emptier than they were a year ago amidst ongoing drought, latest figures reveal. 

Though the Easter downpours were lauded as ‘heaven sent’, Malaga is still suffering an intense drought.   

As summer approaches, pools will be filled, but at what cost? 

According to Hidrosur, which manages seven reservoirs along the Andalucian coast, the reservoirs are only 170.79 cubic hectometres full on average. 

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This map paints a damning picture of the drought situation across Andalucia.
Photo: @SAIHRedHidrosur

This time last year, they held 208.65 cubic hectometres of water, corresponding to a 37.86% decrease. 

The worst hit reservoir is Guadalteba, which has fallen from 75.11 cubic hectometres full to 38.04, meaning it is at just 24.82% capacity.

It is followed by the Guadalhorce reservoir, at just 18.76% full. 

The levels have fallen from 40.78 cubic hectometres to 23.59.

Meanwhile el Limonero has only lost 2.92 cubic hectometres, falling from 7.58 to 4.66. 

It is now at 20.81% capacity. 

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The Casaola reservoir is at 28.87% capacity, having lost 1.72 cubic hectometres compared to 2023. 

It has gone from 7.99 to 6.27 cubic hectometres. 

Some hope comes from the la Concepcion reservoir, which has only lost 0.2 cubic hectometres.

It has gone from 43.13 to 43.11, representing 74.92% of its capacity. 

The good news continues in La Viñuela, where water reserves have almost doubled, going from 16.14 to 31.60. 

However, this only represents 19.22% of its capacity. 

Meanwhile, Conde de Guadalhorce has gone from 17.92 hectometres to 23.52, meaning it is now at 35.37% full.

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