THE UK Foreign & Commonwealth Officebrits abroad has released a list of this year’s top ten bizarre requests from Brits abroad.

One concerned citizen planning a move to Spain rang the consular over fears he would encounter nudists walking the streets.

A homesick expat asked where he could buy English bacon while a lady in Lebanon rang to recruit an English butler.

Half a million calls were made to the FCO’s consular service last year –which provides emergency help to Britons in trouble overseas.

The service helped 3,250 Brits who were hospitalised, 4,770 who were arrested, and the families of 3,670 who died overseas.

See the full list here:

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  1. There are idiots everywhere & sadly the FCO obviously gets their share. The 999 service in the UK is similarly abused with stupid time wasters. I recall reading that one recently dialed 999 because she’d been told by McDonalds to get out & she wanted a policeman to get her back in (apparently she was under the influence which seems to be a common “excuse” for just about anything). The world seems to be getting more & more idiots who think (I use the term lightly) only of themselves.

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