mobile-phonesMOBILE phone users in Spain and Gibraltar will cash in on the EU-wide cuts to roaming charges.

The dramatic reductions could save British holidaymakers and expats hundreds of euros when using their UK numbers in Spain, Gibraltar and across Europe.

The 75% drop in prices will apply to all European mobile phone users until next June when charges will be abolished completely.

From Saturday 30 April, mobile phone providers cannot charge more than €0.05 per minute extra for outgoing calls (down from €0.19) or €0.01 for incoming calls (down from €0.05).

The limit for an extra MB of internet data is also capped at €0.05 (down from €0.20).

The move to abolish roaming rates in a phased way was approved by the European Union last June.


  1. Another thing the EU announced was that Netflix (and other streaming providers) will have to open localised content to other countries, so for example UK-specific content will have to be made available to people here in Spain. Netflix have recently bolstered their geo-location checks to stop content being shared outside of the UK, but it seems this system may now have to end, so good for consumers.

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