IMG_1190A LEADING British businessman based in Spain has urged expats to consider ‘becoming Spanish’ in protest.

The Andalucía-based hotelier has also urged ‘moderate, open-minded’ young people in England to move to the continent.

Peter Whaley, the owner of various hotels in Tarifa and father of World number one kitesurfer Liam Whaley, insisted: ‘Thanks to the older, white little Englanders we are all going to suffer in Europe.

“Britain has voted for disunity and instability which will no doubt go on for years…

“Yes Europe needs reforming, but not from the sidelines, from within.

“I’ve been running businesses here for over 30 years and I understand the failings of Spain and Europe but this however will only make it worse.”

Kitesurfer Liam Whaley. Photo: Alan van Gysen
Kitesurfer Liam Whaley. Photo: Alan van Gysen

The owner of Tarifa’s emblematic Hurricane Hotel that opened in 1984, added: “we are not little Englanders here – we are open and worldly and I would urge all British expats in Spain to consider taking Spanish nationality in protest.

“I would also urge young people living in London, like my daughter, sickened with this vote, to consider moving to the continent.”

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  1. Totally agree, if you make another country your home you should become a national of that country.
    A Brit who chooses to live and work in Spain, or any other country, should not criticise the decision of the majority of those who live in the UK.

  2. More silly logic from Colin of another galaxy. A Brit living in a country of the EU was quite (until now) fully entitled to have a say in what was done there in their name, because it directly affected them.
    This attitude reeks of jealousy and xenophobia.

  3. Totally wrong Colin. Yes you should become a resident but there is no need to become a ‘national’.

    If you are British you have every right to vote & criticise until told otherwise.

    The majority were conned with the claims by the ‘brexit’ posse, which have now been found to be untrue.

    Therefore as the vote was won by less than 2% on a pack of lies. Maybe the British public should be allowed another vote with only TRUTHS allowed. Just my opinion of course.

    Nigel Farage is a typical ‘used car salesman, like Arthur Daley, & would you buy a car from him.

  4. He says, “Yes Europe needs reforming, but not from the sidelines, from within…”
    How exactly? When the institution is undemocratic and answerable to no one? The only way to send a clear signal to these people is by leaving. How can he defend the giving away of sovereignty to an unelected group of bureaucrats which have been shown to be corrupt (look up the lobbying in the EU) and hold voters in contempt? The issue is about who controls the UK. The people of the UK have decided they should control it and rightly so.
    I am an expat but I find the position of people defending the corrupt EU ridiculous. The EU has way overstepped its limits and now all countries want to take back control.
    You can have all the benefits of an EU without a political union, without a European armed force, without an unelected elite controlling things. Its not racist to want to control a countries borders and decide who can come in, we do it every day with our own houses, we don’t just leave the door open. People who pay their taxes have a right to decide how the money is spent and so they can vote on it, to say that it was only “older, white little Englanders” who believe in this is truly a racist statement.

  5. There is no evidence that people in UK were “conned” by brexit,if any conning was going on it was by stay & their supporers.Only they could be crass enough to call for another referéndum after brexit won by a considerable majority.No wait that IS part of EU policy to have another referéndum untill they get the result they want.Democracy anybody?

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