brexit webTHE number of UK citizens looking to move abroad after Brexit has increased by 30%.

Worldwide cost of living comparison site Expatistan said the surge happened immediately following the shock EU referendum result.

The amount of people comparing the cost of living in UK cities and cities abroad also spiked by over 50%.brexit web 2

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the site’s figures showed a positive correlation between how a city voted in the referendum and the number of people researching a move away from the UK.

The higher the percentage of Remain votes the more interest there was in moving abroad.brexit web 3

Spain was the area with the third highest interest among those looking for a new life, after the USA and Australia.

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  1. Interesting report. Having spoken to a number of business colleagues over the past few days, Brexit is proving to be a disaster. They’ve all had to increase prices because of the currency drop. The price of petrol and food is also due to rise sharply. Bad times ahead for the UK. Boris knows best.

  2. I can understand the interest in wanting to leave the UK, especially now post the brexit vote.
    The thing is people are going to want to want to sell their UK homes at what they was valued at before this colossal mess, not at what they are going to sell for now, if at all.

  3. Could this be the opportunity that Spain has been waiting for and help them flog off all those empty properties and give their flagging economy a boost? Will this give them the impetus to put their house in order and finally sort out their property laws and give people the confidence to buy?

  4. Confidence to purchase in Spain really depends on what the UK does over the next two years, should article 50 be invoked. The deals that the UK does with Spain on things like free movement and health care will be the critical deciding factor for many, especially those who come to live/reside in Spain. Having spoken to a number of estate agents over the past week, this is what they have told me. There is still demand from the UK, but finding an agent with more foreign buyers is now a must.

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