contador (1)TWO-TIME Tour de France champion and Madrid native Alberto Contador crashed in each of the first two stages of the 2016 edition of the marathon race.

His fall in the opening stage on Saturday was not very impactful, causing almost no lost time or pain. The crash in the peloton on Sunday, though, cost Contador in both regards.

Contador insists that ‘the time loss is worse than the body blows.’

Despite his optimism, Contador’s crashes have radically diminished his championship chances. After starting as the third-favourite in the race at 5 to 1 on Betway, Contador has since fallen to fourth at 33 to 1 odds.


  1. He’s not the same without dope is he. In the Dauphin he could’nt cut it at all and Froome and Quintado left him behind.

    I’d really like to see this true South American do well, he’s nice guy and is an inspiration to all the young indigenous people.

  2. Contador is finished in this TdF. He was gone well before the end, barring chutes, it’s Froome and Quintada. Can’t see Richie Port getting a look in. Brilliant split second decision from Froome to go for it on the final descent – adios Contador.

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