COLLECTORS ITEM: Olive Press front page
COLLECTORS ITEM: Olive Press front page

AFTER 244 issues, spanning nearly a decade, the Olive Press has printed its first splash in Spanish. 

Issuing a plea to all Spaniards to join British expats’ pursuit of dual nationality, the Olive Press hopes an united expat and Spanish community can sway the vote.

It comes in the same issue as Madrid-based journalist for the Economist Giles Tremlett writes an exclusive op-ed piece on the same issue, after he set up a petition for dual nationality following the Brexit referendum.

Professionally translated, the Spanish version of the front page can be read here.

While an English translation is also available here.

So spread the word, throughout expat and Spanish communities as now, more than ever, we need each other.


  1. Me decepciona que la petición iniciada es sólo para los expatriados con 10 años o más en España. Hay muchos de nosotros que nos hemos empeñado nuestras vidas a España, el país de amor, odio, nuestros compatriotas para votar y desesperadamente no quiere volver al Reino Unido.
    I am disappointed that the petition started is only for expats with ten years or more in Spain. There are many of us who have committed our lives to Spain, Love the country, Hate our fellow countrymen for voting out and desperately do not want to go back to the UK

  2. I’m a British national living in Spain (and an Economist subscriber to boot) and love it here but this is not the way to go about getting the right to stay in Spain after Brexit takes place. Why should we British have the right to demand special treatment that other countries are denied? Rules for gaining the right to stay here are well established both in terms of residency and in terms of full rights to work etc. Just become a Spanish national and drop the British passport. Oh and learn the language maybe, and pay up for taxes here. Simples.

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