MARIANO Rajoy is set to open negotiations with Spain’s main parties after accepting King Felipe’s invitation to form a government.

Mariano RAjoy
HOT SEAT: Rajoy accepts invitation to form government

The PP leader accepted the mandate after the second inconclusive election in six months.

Rajoy’s party failed once more in June’s election to get an overall majority of 176 seats.

But Socialist PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez has warned his party will not back the PP in the investiture vote.

“We want to change Rajoy’s government, and this is why we will vote no in a confidence vote,” said Sanchez.

Rajoy needs to form a coalition or minority government in order to rule.

December’s general election saw Spain’s traditional two-party political system challenged by the rise of Podemos and Ciudadanos, with both parties eating into the PP and PSOE share of the vote.


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