priest habitSINNERS in Spain looking for salvation can now locate their nearest priest thanks to a new app launched today.

Confesor GO detects the user’s location and reveals the location of priests in the surrounding area who are ready to perform the holy Sacrament of Penance.

It will provide the user with information about the priest, including his name, age and when he was ordained, alongside a list of the Ten Commandments – in case you are unsure of how many you have broken.

“The priest may be in a confessional in a church or some place down the street or at a park in your city,” reads the description of the app, available today on the iTunes store.

Creator of the app Father Ricardo Latorre, said he hopes the service will become available in other Spanish-speaking nations in Latin America next year.

“It has generated a great deal of interest and there are many priests from these countries that ask to join. What happens is things take time and it is impossible to do it faster,” he said.

Catholicism remains embedded in Spanish culture, but regular church attendance has decreased steadily, with 59.3% of Spaniards admitting they ‘almost never’ attend mass in a survey published on Monday by the Sociological Research Centre.



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