EXPOSED: Acklom. Photo, copyright the Olive Press
EXPOSED: Acklom. Photo, copyright the Olive Press

THIS is most wanted criminal Mark Acklom like you’ve never seen him before.

On the run in Spain for swindling British divorcee Carolyn Woods out of £850,000 after posing as an MI6 agent, Acklom’s sleazy past is catching up with him.

Leaving a string of broken hearts and empty bank accounts across Europe, the Olive Press can reveal that Acklom sent naked pictures of himself to targeted women as part of his elaborate scams.

Last month, the Olive Press revealed how Marbella estate agent Elena Escuverra was nearly duped by the British fugitive after they met on dating site

Acklom was named as part of Operation Captura, which seeks to find the 10 most wanted British fugitives thought to be hiding out in Spain.

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