bomberosA MORBIDLY obese Sevilla man has died as firemen tried to remove him from his house with a crane after he became ill.

The 25-year-old, who weighed 47 stone, was too big to fit down the halls in his apartment block.

Paramedics who arrived to take him to hospital had to call fireman when they realised it would require heavy lifting machinery to remove him.

The unnamed man died a couple of hours after emergency services were first called on Tuesday morning.

His body was removed by firemen via his balcony in San Juan de Aznalfarache near Sevilla.

Ayuntamiento bosses agreed to pay for his funeral after it emerged his family were poverty stricken and could not afford it.

He was buried Wednesday afternoon.

He died of natural causes linked to his obesity.

According to World Health Organisation figures, some 22.8% of Spanish men are obese, while among Spanish women the figure is higher at 24.7%.



  1. Actually, Spain is very close to the UK on obesity. The WHO report of 2014 shows that 28.1% of people in the UK are obese, and 23.9% in Spain. So Spain are only 4 points behind, but what is far worse for Spain’s statistics are that they, supposedly, have a fantastic mediterranean diet, full of fish and oil. Fact is the Spanish love meat, and they also love fast food. Sorry to burst your bubble, Pablo.

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