catalonia-independencePRO-INDEPENDENCE Spanish lawmakers in Catalonia have approved a 2017 budget to fund a referendum to secede from Spain.

The budget guarantees funds for a vote on secession despite warnings that it would be unconstitutional.

Catalonia has aimed to become independent from Spain for years, despite it being against the country’s constitution.

The Catalan government has pledged to hold a referendum by the end of September.




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  1. Let them get on with it. Brits are sick and tired of listening to Nicola Sturgeon and i guess most Spanish feel the same way about Catalunya.. At the end of the day most Scottish and Catalan citizens know where their bread is buttered.

  2. Making some wild assumptions there Elizabeth. YOU may be “sick and tired” of listening to Nicola Sturgeon, but don’t go speaking for ALL Brits. She certainly makes more sense than the unelected Prime Minister of Britain, who is determined to destroy sixty years of peace and progress.
    As for Catalunya, that’s all you can do, guess.

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