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EU TO UK: No free trade talks until your bills are settled and citizens’ rights are guaranteed

donald tusk  december e
Donald Tusk

donald_tusk_18_decemberDONALD Tusk has ruled out parallel talks between the UK and member states until it makes ‘progress’ on its Brexit bill – including the settling of its bills and guaranteeing citizens’s rights.

The European Council president said: “Once, and only once we have achieved sufficient progress on the withdrawal, can we discuss the framework for our future relationship. Starting parallel talks will not happen.”

Tusk said the EU was united behind this principle and wanted to see progress on settling the status of EU nationals and Britain’s share of EU liabilities.

“It is only fair towards all those people, communities, scientists, farmers and so on to whom we, all the 28, promised and owe this money.”

“The talks will be difficult, complex and sometimes confrontational,” Tusk added.

“But the EU will not pursue a punitive approach … Brexit itself is already punitive enough.”

He added in a draft that the UK must accept EU rules, including budget contributions and the authority of the European Court of Justice in its transition period.

“The European council will monitor progress closely and determine when sufficient progress has been achieved to allow negotiations to proceed to the next phase,” the draft says.

If the UK wants to maintain single market access post-Brexit, it will have to adhere to all four freedoms – including free movement.

“There can be no cherrypicking,” the draft reads, “nor any separate negotiations between individual states and the UK.”

Laurence Dollimore

Laurence has a BA and MA in International Relations and a Gold Standard diploma in Multi-Media journalism from News Associates in London. He has almost a decade of experience and previously worked as a senior reporter for the Mail Online in London.

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    • Carlos, it’s your problem to believe in all the lies that British newspapers are telling about Germany and Angela Merkel.
      Merkel informed Mike Pence, that she cannot control the exchange rate of the Euro against the US Dollar, as Germany cannot control the ECB. She said this, because Mr.Pence claimed German goods are too cheap and therefor cause a export plus towards the US. Mrs Merkel never said or thought, she wants to replace the Euro by the DM.
      Yes, with the DM we Germans would earn better interest rates. But with the weak Euro we got a strong export position which helps us to compensate eventual trade losses with the UK after Brexit and saves our jobs. How will the UK compete with a strong Pound outside the EU?

      • Wolfgang, and you believe Merkel. She pulled the wool over the eyes of the EU once before when she adapted the Euro and we can see the damage it has caused to other EU member states, and she will pull the wool over them again when she reverts back to the DM. Wolfgang, A.Markel mentioned the possibility that Germany may adapt the DM in a T.V interview. It’s always a first sign of the things to come, just mention something first so that people become accustomed and later it always follows up. Same as the the tax year we are already adjusted to certain item months before via the media and then not surprised when it occurs. BTW, do you know why it would pay Germany to introduce the DM, you should do as you seem to know everything.

  1. The EU is living in cloud cuckoo land, what will happen is the UK will tell them to stuff it, and wait until the Germans come calling in order to sell their cars, the French leave when LePen gets voted President, and the rest of the 27 states realise the cash cow has left the building… Greece and Italy are one step away from leaving. Get real EU, your Federal Dream has started to implode and the people have awoken from their slumbers.

  2. Mon Dieu…
    These people read the daily express…
    And they want to be taken seriously….lol
    The FACT is: Britain has to pay its debts (60 BILLION euro) if they want to discuss “free” trade.
    Of course the conditions will be a lot more severe than before, since they are outsiders now.
    Otherwise, they will lose a market that buys 50% of their exports.
    And replacing that market could take, let me do the maths….5 or 6 decades.
    British politicians are not the brightest of the bunch, no?

    • Ol’ blue eyes. Trade is not 50%. £227bn UK exports to the EU, and £288bn UK imports from EU
      45% of all UK exports go to the EU the rest goes World wide.
      So basically the EU is 61bn better off. Something they are concerned about losing. Remember also there are many countries waiting to sign free trade agreements with the UK.

  3. Wolfgang, the Brexiteers were sold a dream but they bought a nightmare. Realisation is slowing dawning on them but they cling to two things, the break up of the EU/Euro (their best get out clause) and (don’t laugh) the EU needs us more than we need them.

    So the UK is now deeply divided and people are tearing chunks out of each other while being pumped up by trashy taboid newspapers. What a great advert for leaving the EU!

  4. The problem regarding the financial agreement made by the UK was whilst being a member of the EU even though the UK protested against certain expenses which any protest means nothing as far as the EU is concerned. Perhaps another way that may solve the financial situation by the UK and the EU is to create a separate bank account solely in the control of the World Bank and not under Juncker’s control (which has seen a 200bn deficit and delay’s of proper accounts) and each 28 member states deposits the equally amount being asked of the UK of €62bn. Monies paid from this account is solely at the discretion of the World Bank showing in fine detail the reason of the expenditures which would also benefit the UK and not of past debts incurred by the EU who have unwisely squandered the monies. The UK had fully met the contributions being asked during their membership whereas other member states have not. Then “strictly” under and after the Lisbon Treaty of two years of Britain leaving whatever money remains in the account is then again equally share between the members.
    Any future spending by the EU would then have nothing to do with UK but by the remaining member states. That’s how a proper business works. I suppose another way of looking at it is to ask all members to repay their debt. I’m sure the €200bn debt would quickly disappear. Ask your own bank manager next time you consistently overdraw, can I have a loan, I know what he would say but can’t print it. lol

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