31 Mar, 2017 @ 10:22
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Spain convicts student for tweets about ETA bomb victim


cassandraA COURT gave a Spanish student a one-year jail term for posting jokes about a 1973 prime minister assassination. 

Cassandra Vera, 21, received convictions for contempt, dishonour, discredit, mockery and affront for the tweets, some of which were four years old.

Vera may not have to serve the sentence, but her teaching ambitions are in tatters.

She said she did not mean to cause harm.

The tweets were referring to Prime Minister Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco, who was murdered by ETA separatists.


  1. Fortunately, Paul is completely wrong, which is getting to be the usual reply to anything people of UK origin over the last year. Freedom of speech does not equal freedom to say whatever you want regardless of who you hurt. Read her posts and her replies to them. She is a spoiled rich brat, and it is good she’s not a teacher. This woman -16 or not- mocked many people who lost loved ones, repeatedly. She did so with an arrogance and cruelty towards the suffering of others. When this all started she was quite arrogant and said further things against the victims of the bombing. She deserves her punishment.

    • I’m not British, i’m Australian. But I can understand why the Brits want shot of the EU. You Europeans have no clue about democracy, it’s all a bit new to you guys isn’t it?
      Free speech means anyone can have views on any issue. You can’t send a person to prison just because you don’t agree with waht they say.
      Freedom of speech does equal the freedom to say whatever you want regardless of who you hurt, wether you like it or not mate…

  2. The man she ‘disrespected’ was a pal of Franco and therefore derserving of zero respect. So no harm done. However, throwing someone in jail for airing their views is a complete fascist move.

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