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Costa Blanca fraudster arrested for online hate messages against Spain’s Guardia Civil

A con man is behind bars for a 2010 fraud after allegedly using over 4,300 social media profiles to spread hate messages against the...

Social media users in Spain blast rapper C. Tangana for being ‘sexist’ and compare him with Jesús Gil

SPANISH rapper C. Tangana is once again at the centre of the controversy following his latest social media post.  Singer Antón Álvarez Alfaro, from Madrid, took...

Spain’s Equality Minister Irene Montero shares personal snaps to celebrate Breastfeeding Week

IRENE Montero has shared an intimate snap of herself breastfeeding youngest daughter Aitana as she marked World Breastfeeding Week on Saturday.  The Minister of Equality,...

Shocking job offer in Spain goes viral for ‘disgusting’ demands on potential employee

THE internet is desperate to find out the identity of the business owner offering ’shocking’ working conditions with a recent viral job ad. It’s not...

Only in Andalucia! Hilarious video of cow giving directions in Tarifa goes viral

OVER the summer months hundreds of sun seekers travel south to make the most of the golden beaches on the Costa del Sol.  And often...

Spanish social media star crashes Aston Martin just days after boasting to fans about his new car

A SPANISH influencer wrecked his brand new Aston Martin just days after boasting about his purchase on social media.  The luxury car, valued at €180,000,...

SPAIN spends €8 million on social media campaign to win back UK and European tourists

SPAIN'S tourist board has unveiled an €8 million campaign to woo back international visitors. Turespaña will target social media sites between May and July with...

Terrorist rabble-rousers arrested in Spain’s Granada for using social media to encourage outrages against France

THREE men have been arrested in southern Spain for using social media to encourage terrorist attacks against France. The men were detained by the Policia...

‘UNSOCIAL NETWORK’ as teenage boy hijacks teachers social media sites in ‘sex for grades’ postings in Spain’s Valencian Community

A 14-year-old boy has got himself into hot water after hijacking social media accounts belonging to two of his teachers. He posted messages that offered...

WATCH: Tik Tok used by Spanish police from today to reach teens and the young during pandemic

SPAIN’S Policia Nacional has released today, November 7, a new profile on the social media platform, Tik Tok. Arguably the most popular social network among...

Police on alert as ‘non-peaceful protest’ organised anonymously via social media on Spain’s Costa Blanca

ORIHUELA Local Police have been alerted to an Instagram account that is actively encouraging a ‘non-peaceful protest’ on Saturday, November 7. Worryingly, the instigators are...

Spanish Government cracks down on social media influencers recommending prescription drugs

A pharmacist, first noticed the problem when a certain brand of prescription facial wipe was suddenly selling out, only to find it was being recommended by a popular Youtube channel as a treatment for acne

Sevilla inmate thanks judge for prison sentence, saying it’s given him ‘whole new life’

The inmate hopes to personally thank the judge when he is released from prison.

Vegan activist who claimed to have saved 16 rabbits actually ‘killed nearly 100’ and left others with severed spines

In actuality, 90 bunnies had to be put down because they were left without a mother.

TROLL TROUBLE: Giles Brown is used to insults flying his way, but troll his family and that’s a different...

‘If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out’ tends to be my mantra

Facebook cracks down on far-right networks ahead of Spain election

The bogus profiles had reached more than 1.5 million followers and generate almost 7.4 million interactions in only three months before being removed

Let’s talk mental health: Why teenage suicide in UK and Spain is on the rise and what parents can...

The Olive Press investigates the surge in teenage depression and the role social media plays in self-harming

Expat forced to call family in Spain and tell them ‘I’m not dead’ after football club said he was...

It is thought that the club revealed the fake news so they could get an important match with Arklow Town postponed

PACMA slams hunting rituals in Spain where 10-year-old children’s faces smeared with blood (WARNING: shocking images)

"What kind of society are we building when we allow children to participate in animal abuse?"

Petition to to air Iceland’s banned Christmas advert on TV hits more than 900,000

Iceland, which has three supermarkets on the Costa del Sol, dedicated the heartbreaking advert to the ‘25 orangutans we lose every day’

#CUÉNTALO: How women in Spain are showing solidarity with victim of ‘wolf pack’ gang rape

The Spanish #MeToo movement is sweeping social media after last week’s controversial ruling, which cleared five men accused of gang raping an 18-year-old girl during San Fermin festival in 2016

Spanish woman dubbed Donald Trump’s doppelganger is the funniest thing you’ll see today

Social media users went into a frenzy after noticing the uncanny similarities

WATCH: Moment sick Andalucia waitress drowns cat in washing machine in Spain (WARNING: Distressing footage)

She subjected the cat to two washing cycles whilst filming it on social media

Spanish singer Marta Sanchez causes controversy with rendition of national anthem

Famous for its lyricless form, Sanchez chose to sing her own lyrics to the anthem’s beat, which was composed so soldiers could march to a beat.

Russian hacking operations could intensify in Catalunya, according to new report

Robot accounts have been traced to a ‘troll farm’ near St Petersburg and have helped push social media traffic by 2,000% in Catalunya since the referendum.

Spain convicts student for tweets about ETA bomb victim

Vera may not have to serve the jail sentence, but her chances of becoming a teacher are at risk




British drugs smuggler Brian Charrington starts ‘narco’ yacht retrial in Costa Blanca area of Spain

THE retrial of British drug trafficker, Brian Charrington, started in Alicante on Monday(October 18). His original 2018 trial and conviction was quashed by the Supreme...


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