A BENIDORM man was conned out of €35,000 by a woman who started a relationship with him via social media.

She claimed she needed the money to pay tax in the United States in order to get a €3 million inheritance from a relative.

They hooked up on a phone app in January 2023 and met in person two months later to cement their relationship.

The fraudster- of Spanish nationality- then started asking for money with the man making numerous withdrawals from his bank accounts to give her a lump sum of €28,000 in cash.

She then deceived him again by asking for an extra €7,000 as ‘fee management extras’, which he duly gave her.

A few weeks later, the woman tried her luck again with a demand for €13,000 to cover more fees, at which point the boyfriend finally realised that he had been duped.

He complained to the Policia Nacional who arrested her for fraud and a court froze her bank accounts so that the victim could be refunded what he lent her.

Inquiries revealed that she played a identical con in 2020 on an Almeria man who lost €40,000.


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