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Explainer: What you need to know about Spain’s July 23 general election

ON JULY 23, Spaniards will be heading to polling booths across the country for the fifth time in the last 10 years, to choose...

‘Get Txapote to vote for you’: The slogan about ETA that is plaguing the prime minister and victims alike...

“QUE TE vote Txapote.” Roughly translated: Get Txapote to vote for you. This seemingly innocent Spanish phrase, which is nice and catchy thanks to...

ETA victims call on Spain’s Congress to ban convicted terrorists from public office

TERRORISM victims have called on Spain’s Congress of Deputies to ensure that convicted members of now-defunct Basque terrorist group ETA cannot hold public office.  Speaking...

Basque-t case? Ahead of local and regional elections, Madrid premier Isabel Diaz Ayuso focuses campaign on ETA

CITIZENS who are eligible to vote in the May 28 regional and local elections would be forgiven for expecting to hear the candidates debating...

Prosecutor at Spain’s High Court shelves bid to have former ETA terrorists banned from running in elections

THE PUBLIC PROSECUTOR in Spain’s High Court has shelved a lawsuit aimed at stopping 44 convicted terrorists from running in the upcoming local and...

Spain’s prime minister and opposition leader clash over ETA in first face-to-face debate of the election campaign

AFTER a decades-long bloody campaign for an independent Basque Country, terrorist group ETA was officially dissolved in 2018. But the shadow of the organisation...

Opposition leader calls on PM to take action over inclusion of 44 former ETA terrorists on election lists

A POLITICAL storm over 44 convicted ETA terrorists running for office in the upcoming May 28 local and regional elections deepened on Monday, as...

Spain’s prime minister calls plan to include 44 convicted members of ETA terror group on election lists ‘indecent’

SPANISH Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has slammed a decision by Basque political party EH Bildu to include 44 convicted members of now-defunct terrorist organisation...

British holidaymakers rejoice: ETIAS tourist tax date pushed back to 2024

The EU’s new tourist tax that’s set to charge Brits and others €7 to enter the Schengen zone has been pushed back to 2024. The...

ETA member rearrested in Spain after brief release from 17 year sentence

A FORMER member of Basque separatist group ETA has been rearrested after losing an appeal to the Spanish Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court refused the...

Basque separatist group ETA dropped from US foreign terrorist blacklist

THE Basque seperatist group ETA is set to be removed from the United States foreign terrorist blacklist.  Under the full name of Basque Fatherland and...

Support for independence reaches historic low in Spain’s Basque Country

SUPPORT for breaking away from Spain has fallen to a historic low in the Basque Country which went through a forty year armed conflict...

King Felipe VI honours victims of terrorism in Spain at memorial in Basque city of Vitoria

KING Felipe and Queen Letizia on Tuesday visited a reproduction of a safe house used by the Basque separatist organisation to hold a kidnapped...

ETA member acquitted of double attack in Spain’s Valencia in 2003, where Brit expat was injured

AN ETA member has been acquitted for his role in multiple attacks in the Valencian Community in 2003.

Up to 200,000 protestors form human chain calling for independence referendum for Spain’s Basque Country

ALMOST 200,000 protestors formed a human chain to call for a referendum on the independence of the Basque Country from Spain.  Spaniards from the wealthy...

Podemos launches bus denouncing corruption by politicians and bankers in Spain

Prime minister Mariano Rajoy and ex prime ministers Felipe González and José María Aznar are among the 10 caricatures pasted onto the side of the left-wing political party’s eye-catching ‘Tramabus.’

Basque terrorist group Eta plan to disarm

Terrorist group Eta is responsible for 800 deaths over four decades, and the disarmament could potentially end the violence

Spain convicts student for tweets about ETA bomb victim

Vera may not have to serve the jail sentence, but her chances of becoming a teacher are at risk

Spanish cops find stash of explosives belonging to ETA terrorists

It is known as Spain's deadliest terror group having killed 860 people in its history

Rapper in Mallorca given three years for lyrics about terrorism and King Juan Carlos

Valtonyc has been convicted of threats, glorifying terrorism and insulting the crown

From dictatorship to democracy: The legacy of Spain’s first post-Franco leader

It is 40 years since Suarez's introduction of the civil war 'pact of forgetting' and Spain's first democratic elections

Spanish police arrest 14 for glorifying terrorism on social media

The arrests were made in seven of Spain's 17 regions, including Alicante and Granada

Podemos and Catalan delegates joined ETA supporters in secret Venezuela visit

Maria Jose Aguilar held talks at conference organised by president Nicolas Maduro

Spanish judge charges five suspected ETA terrorists with crimes against humanity

Judge acts against Basque paramilitaries after attacks that killed 12

Two top ETA terror chiefs arrested in French police raid

Sources claim third terror chief held after police stake out property in Pyrenees

Bomb blast victim could become new Socialist leader today

Current leader Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba will make a return to teaching




Need a job? Club Med Marbella on ambitious hiring spree for 320 staff to boost their team this winter

AS the summer season comes to a close and the winter chill approaches, one all-inclusive resort has set Marbella's hospitality industry abuzz.  While many hotels...


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