Podemos's new anti-corruption bus
Podemos’s new anti-corruption bus

ALLEGED corrupt politicians and bankers have been denounced on a bus launched by Podemos.

Prime minister Mariano Rajoy and ex prime ministers Felipe González and José María Aznar are among the 10 caricatures pasted onto the side of the left-wing political party’s eye-catching ‘Tramabus.’

Party leader Pablo Iglesias said it had launched the bus in Madrid to shed light on the problem of corruption and other illegal practices.

The caricatures represent those who have either been jailed for corruption, represent an organisation under investigation or having alleged strong links to corrupt people, according to the party.

Other parties have criticised the bus, with PSOE ex-leader Pedro Sanchez denouncing it as repugnant for having included Gonzalez.

He was leader during probes into illegal party financing and financing of militants to fight ETA.

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    During the time that I did not have this document TWO “investigations” were conducted by Barclays Head Office in Madrid and said that the mortgage was issued correctly. I was not present at these “investigations” as I would have asked to see the Initial Survey.
    I wrote to EVERY C.E.O. and Chair of Barclays since 2007, with evidence , seven in all including the present ones asking for an independent investigation but was ignored,
    Antony Jenkins was the C.E.O. of Spain when this occurred and he was promoted to C.E.O. of Barclays UK and he sold their Spanish Banks with the backing of McFarlane the CHAIR. I had sent a recorded delivery letter , with evidence to the present C.E.O. Mr Staley and the present CHAIR Mr McFarlane abd yet again no reply. Mr McFarlane Chair of Barclays Bank UK “SACKED” Antony Jenkins and gave him a pay-off of £24 MILLION. Barclays Bank Spain also had advertisements in their Branches saying that Barclays Bank Spain was a subsidiary of Barclays Bank UK and is registered with the (then) F.S.A. number 120272 which was FRAUD as the (then) F.S.A. only covered the UK.
    Also the F.S.A. number 120272 was and invalid number per the F.O.I. office Yet another FRAUD.

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