3 May, 2017 @ 17:32
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Theresa May accuses EU of trying to influence UK election

Theresa May e
Theresa May

Britain's Home Secretary Theresa May delivers her keynote address on the second day of the Conservative party annual conference in ManchesterTheresa May has accused European politicians of making “threats” against Britain to try to influence the general election result.

In a speech outside 10 Downing Street, Ms May suggested those in Brussels wanted Brexit talks to fail and that the European press had “misrepresented” the UK’s negotiating stance.

She said: “Britain’s negotiating position in Europe has been misrepresented in the continental press.

“The European Commission’s negotiating stance has hardened.

“Threats against Britain have been issued by European politicians and officials.

“All of these acts have been deliberately timed to affect the result of the general election that will take place on 8 June.”

Ms May´s comments refer to reports in a German paper of a Downing Street dinner with EC President Jean-Claude Juncker, during which he said she was “delusional” about Brexit.


  1. It is sad but true, there are some people in Brussels that would like to see any deal fail but I doubt any sovereign European country feel the same however they have to do as Brussels tell them as a majority are on the receiving end of development funds.

    • Who are “these people?” All I see is an EU asking for what is rightfully due, and a panicked delusional politician. The only people who want it to fail are in the uk

  2. There is nothing owed by Great Britain to the EU. The UK has squandered half a trillion pounds on the failed German/Franco fiasco now called the EU. We have rescued Europe countless times from itself, we have provided the backbone for military security, and we have absorbed millions of unemployed people from the EU, created by the economic failures of Europe. We have assisted in supporting EU countries following the banking crash, notably Eire, and we have allowed over a million Poles to live in the UK.

    The UK at the end of the last war waived all reparations from Germany to the detriment of the UK, and the UK sacrificed millions of her people in defence of European Freedom. The UK owe Europe nothing.

    We can hardly be forced to provide 15% of the EU budget and 50% of the security and yet be considered to have just 1/28th influence in this club. The whole mess of majority voting, designed to give a bigger voice to the takers than the givers was a doomed an erroneous decision, to add to the many that have befallen the EU.

    The truth of the situation, is that Germany is now the di facto dictator of Europe, it will be approving the budgets of ALL Euro denominated currencies, and the next surprise it has for all those countries is that Euro countries will be forced to take part in “debt mutualisation” to rescue Greece; Italy and possibly France.

    The EU pygmies such as Shultz (former bookshop owner and linguist) ; Junker (time served EU functionary) and Barnier (specially groomed EU trained Anglophobe) do not have, nor have had the intellectual gravitas to understand that far from the UK trying to screw over the EU, the people of Britain have taken a courageous and brave stand by throwing our economic well being under the lame horse of the EU. The UK has been desperatly trying to make the EU see sense and to halt its grievous destruction of Europe.

    There is not a more generous nor dedicated EU member, who has suffered the indignities of having perfectly good ideas and solutions thrown back at us, because a crazed unrepresentative (and deeply hated EU elite) simply does not know what it is doing.

    Mrs. Merkel has shown herself to be an adept political operator, as insincere, crafty and two faced as many a previous German Chancellor and in her dealings with the UK has proven Germany far from being a chastened nation it remains a warmongering authoritarian state.

    As a European traveller with family in Germany and Portugal, it is clear that very few of Europe’s people wish to share the monsterous path the EU is trying to venture down. People know and understand (because Britain has done this before) that at heart the British people are peace loving, generous, intelligent people, and their views count for much in the wider world. If the UK finds itself in a position of having to condemn the EU for authoritarianism; unfairness; spite and revenge, this will do far more damage to Europe than it will to the UK and will sign the EU’s death warrant, as fair minded countries loosen their ties with Europe.

    You cannot bully people into staying in the EU, and if you try you will accelerate the decline. These are basic human lessons that the old school in Brussels have failed to learn. The charmless appearance of Selmayer as a young buck with no real world experience and no knowledge of the German track record, would do well to revisit the history of his nation, and return to the negotiating table more humble and contrite – the UK is not to be messed with without good cause, and the EU does not have good cause to mess with us.

    The people of the UK democratically voted to leave the EU, that is our right. It may be painful for Europe and de-stabilising for the EU project but it is our right. We have said we will work to support the EU. The truth is that, the EU after 45 years has failed to listen, failed to change, failed to bring an end to “one size fits all” and the UK is the ONLY country with the guts and ability to stand up to it.

    We are not afraid as a nation to say ‘No more’ to the EU, in fact we must do on behalf of our weaker European colleagues. Germany is out of control and France is bankrupt, and dangerous because of it. The UK has an important role in trying to save Europe from itself – with kindness, understanding and goodwill – despite the EU being unable to return the respect.

  3. It is blatantly obvious what May is up to. She knows very well that she can gain nothing worthwhile from the EU, due to her intransigence on freedom of movement and other EU requirements. So she is working toward a scenario where she can flounce out from the “negotiations” (after the General Election) claiming the EU is too unreasonable to do business with.
    This woman and her swivel-eyed gang, is leading the British public, Expats and EU citizens up the garden path, aided by the slavering right-wing press, who cannot see beyond the end of their deluded xenophobic noses.

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