A SUSPECTED ISIS terrorist planned a London-Bridge style stabbing spree in Mallorca, a Spanish judge has said.

Abdelkader Mahmoudi was arrested before he could massacre helpless tourists and locals in Inca, the judge alleged.

HELD: Terror suspect planned London-Bridge style massacre

Mahmoudi and three other alleged jihadists were arrested in dawn raids on the island on Wednesday.

The suspected leader of the group, an imam named Tarik Chadlioui, was arrested by UK police in Birmingham during the joint operation.

Madrid judge Santiago Pedraz, who remanded the four Mallorca suspects in prison, said: “Abdelkader Mahmoudi had revealed his intention to become a martyr and had allegedly planned violent acts like a massacre in the square in Inca where the town hall is, stabbing passers-by.”

Chadlioui is now facing extradition to Spain to face possible terror charges.

A Spanish police statement said: “The investigation began in 2015 when a series of videos were discovered on a website which showed the process of indoctrination, recruitment and subsequent journey to Syria of a young Muslim living in Spain.

“The film promoter was identified as a Salafist imam, who is now under arrest in the UK and being investigated by several European countries.

‘This person had travelled to Majorca and began to dynamise the group which has now been arrested, exercising functions ranging from recruiting, indoctrination and radicalisation in favour of Daesh, and becoming from that point on their spiritual leader.”

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