ISIS suspect: Ahmed Samsam

A JIHADI fighter based in Benahavis was trying get hold of weapons, it has been revealed.

Ahmed Samsam, 29, who was cuffed last week, had been looking for ways to buy weapons and bullet proof vests in Spain on the internet, according to officials.

He was held in custody last week over fears he was planning an attack in conjunction with the sick terrorist group ISIS.

Police are still trying to uncover any plots the ‘dangerous’ Danish national may have been involved in or planning on the Costa del Sol.

After his arrest he appeared in court in Madrid and was remanded in custody.

The case is now subject to a secrecy order.

Samsam had recently left Denmark to fight for ISIS in Syria.

He was arrested in Spain thanks to a joint operation between the investigating court, the prosecutor’s office and the Guardia Civil.

Their investigations led them to the hotel in Benahavis, but Samsam’s intentions here remain unclear.

Investigators say that he was trained by ISIS in Syria, judging by his activity on social media, and that he engaged in recruitment and the spread of propaganda.

They will continue to try to determine whether he was part of a wider network operating in Spain.

He had been on the Costa del Sol for a couple of weeks before was arrested.

Counter terrorism units had been following him closely since he arrived in Spain.


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