PEDRO Almodovar has dedicated an award to ‘hundreds of thousands’ of families searching for relatives killed in the Spanish Civil War.

The Oscar-winning director was accepting his Best Director Platino award for his new film Julieta at a ceremony in Madrid.

TRIBUTE: Almodovar dedicates award to Civil War victims

During his speech, he said he was sharing the honour with those ‘who continue searching for their ‘disappeared’’.

“They say that to search and open graves where our disappeared remain is to open wounds,” said Almodovar.

“It is to close them [wounds], it is as simple as that, it is to close wounds and to end once and for all our awful Civil War.”

Thousands of Republicans executed by Franco’s Nationalist troops are in unmarked graves across Spain.

The Association For The Recovery of Historical Memory have led the way in trying to locate the graves and identify victims’ remains.

During his speech, Almodovar also criticised Donald Trump’s plans to build a wall along the Mexican border.

It was Almodovar’s first Platino, with Julieta taking a second Platino for Alberto Iglesias’ score.

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