Columnist Antonio Flores

ALERTED by groups of neighbours suffering from a small number of establishments throwing endless daytime parties with blasting music, Spanish national TV press has taken at interest in Marbella’s night, as well as day, party life.

Among the venues investigated is a hotel, located close to Marbella, that runs like a de facto day disco. But also clubs that are offering unlawful live concerts with expensive DJs and similar functions.

The Andalusian Ombudsman already sent a threat in the form of an extensive report to all town halls in Andalucia reminding licensing department officials in charge of supervising summer clubs, open air discos and other infringing establishments that they are likely to be prosecuted criminally if they grant music licenses in breach of Decree 78/2002 of Andalucia.

According to the Ombudsman’s report, except for occasional or exceptional concerts or recreational activities for the public, music in Andalusia can only be played in private establishments catalogued as ‘bars or pubs’ or ‘discotheques/night clubs’, with adequate soundproofing, and always within the premises – never outside.

Besides these cases, it is illegal for a town hall to grant permissions, licenses or authorizations for music to be played in day bars, pools, restaurants or hotels.

There are serious fears that Marbella becomes a stag-and-hen-party destination and national press has picked up on this, Cuatro Television national TV station among them, who sent a crew to film scenes not dissimilar to those regularly taking place in resorts such as Mallorca, Magaluf. Illegal parties were also filmed and will be exposed on the tv channel.



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