ARRAN activists have continued their anti-tourism campaign with a wave of graffiti.

The left-wing protesters sprayed bins and walls around Palma as they continued their fight against tourist overcrowding.

SANTA CATALINA: Anti-tourism graffiti

Meanwhile, graffiti on a Santa Catalina street warning ‘Guiri, go home’ has appeared, with one shop shutter in the area also daubed with an anti-tourism message.

Following this week’s graffiti spree, an Arran spokesperson tweeted: “Yesterday we had a little agitation for #Palma. As long as there is conflict, the streets will give voice to our message.”

The messages read ‘Tourism is exploitation’, ‘organisation is the key to victory’ and ‘tourist go home’.

Last week, an Arran protester told the Olive Press the group were determined to press ahead with their direct action despite being fined after targetting a restaurant popular with tourists.

Around 20 Arran members stormed the portside restaurant, letting off smoke flares and showering diners with confetti.

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  1. Even gentle, old Valencia was exhibiting anti-tourist graffito this July. Perhaps the cities have a point, they weren’t built or designed for tourism, especially residential areas, where school and work compete with fun and games.
    Of course, the answer is control and compromise. A firm, fair hand by the local administration is required, in order to maximise income and minimise aggravation. Valencia has made a start, in that only ground-floor accommodation is considered for a tourist rental licence in the old town (El Carmen)
    It’s only a start though, resentment persists.

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