INHERITANCE: Mallorca residents being hit by tax on property

THE investigation into Spain’s biggest ever public money fraud, the ERE scandal, is now into its fifth year…but the authorities have yet to prosecute one person or recover any of the funds.

This is in spite judges hearing how a staggering €855 million came from the EU was illegally siphoned away to a string of individuals and companies.

The money, which was intended for retired workers and struggling companies, was instead taken by thousands of politicians, businessmen and town hall workers.

So far 275 people have been quizzed in the investigation, which has seen five different judges presiding over the case.

These include senior political figures, including former Junta presidents Manuel Chaves and Jose Antonio Grinan, who have been called to give evidence before the investigating judges.

The investigation has been handicapped by political infighting, personal feuds and the deaths of some of the accused.

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