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New sexual allegations emerge against Placido Domingo during performance in Spain in 2000s

LEGENDARY opera singer Placido Domingo is facing new historical sexual harassment charges three years after the the first accusations derailed his career. An anonymous singer...

EXPLAINER: Why podcast ‘Corinna and the King’ is causing so much embarrassment for Spain’s Juan Carlos I

As anyone watching the most recent series of The Crown will have been reminded, Queen Elizabeth II famously suffered an ‘annus horribilis’ in 1992...

Former Spanish king Juan Carlos I gave mistress ring worth one million euros

THE former king of Spain gave his ex-mistress a giant engagement ring worth more than a million euros as an anniversary gift. Sources close to...

EXPLAINER: How €680 million of Junta de Andalucia cash was embezzled in ERE scandal, Spain’s biggest EVER public money...

OVER €25,000 per month on cocaine, €400,000 for a fake chicken farm and thousands on bottomless gin and tonics

EXCLUSIVE: Expats’ €14,000 medical bill because insurance company ‘wouldn’t answer phone’ after accident in Spain

A BRITISH couple have a huge medical bill for hospital care, despite being fully covered by their private health insurance company. The expats have been...

Scandal-hit former King Juan Carlos rules out a return to Spain

SPAIN’S former King Juan Carlos has said he will remain for now in the United Arab Emirates but will visit Spain frequently after fraud...

Brothel creeping politicians of Andalucia – funded by the EU!

IT was a fund set up to stimulate employment in Andalucia, the region with the highest jobless total in Spain. But in reality it did...

Ex-bishop marries Spanish sweetheart in Barcelona after Pope says yes to sex

A SPANISH bishop who quit to marry an erotic novel writer 14 years his junior has finally tied the knot. Xavier Novell, 52 had his...

Flooring it: Marbella lawyer becomes Spain’s number one specialist in ‘floor clause’ scandal

WHEN Diego Echevarria moved to Marbella from Madrid two decades ago he was attracted by the international mix of residents, the climate and, certainly,...

Olive Press helps Sky News track Prince Andrew in Southern Spain as royal flees questions over links to paedo...

As well as attending a friends 50th birthday, he has been seen playing golf at Spain's most expensive golf course, Valderrama, which costs €400 a round, not including a buggy

New leaked ‘Operacion Kitchen’ documents reveal how Spain’s Partido Popular leaders siphoned off millions for suits and a wedding

Revealed in a series of hand-written notes, kept by former PP treasurer Luis Barcenas, the documents demonstrate how the party was illegally funded on a national scale

Podemos leader faces confidence vote after ‘luxury’ home purchase

THE members of Spain’s anti-austerity party Podemos are to vote on whether it's leader should step down after buying a €600,000 ‘luxury’ home. The party’s...

PARTY’S OVER: Thomas Cook set to call time on boozy Club 18-30

After almost 50 years of providing infamous parties for young Brits abroad, the travel company is set to sell the brand to cater to millennials' changing holiday tastes

President of Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes, renounces masters qualification and apologizes to university in Spain

The Conservative politician claims she has not done anything illegal but blames the university for 'administrative irregularities'

Distribution company will also sue over Mallorcan meat scandal

THE distribution company connected to the rotten meat scandal has announced that they too will take the dodgy company to court. The Association of Food...

ESSAY: Why do politicians in Spain never resign?

As more scandal emerges over a leading politician’s faked university degree, Lenox Napier asks: ‘why do politicians never resign in Spain?’ SPAIN’S leading political problem...

FIVE year investigation into Spain’s biggest ever public money fraud scandal sees 275 people probed but NOT ONE charged

THE investigation into Spain’s biggest ever public money fraud, the ERE scandal, is now into its fifth year...but the authorities have yet to prosecute...

FIFA’s foul play

The arrests of 14 FIFA delegates and the publication of tales of corruption are long overdue

I know nothing: Chaves plays dumb in ERE scandal

Just like his famous comedy name-sake from Fawlty Towers, Manuel Chaves insisted this week: ‘I know nothing’

Ex-Junta de Andalucia president Manuel Chaves claims ignorance on Spain’s biggest public money scandal

Ex-Junta president insists he ‘would have acted’ had he known about €855 million ERE fraud

Princess Cristina to stand trial for tax fraud

The Infanta is to be tried in relation the her husband's charity scandal

Is Spain’s Catholic church on its knees?

The Spanish church is in freefall after a scandal exposed a sinister paedophile sect, praying on youngsters. Are its days of influence numbered, asks Jacqueline Fanchini and Tom Powell

Bankia produced rigged accounts to sell stocks to investors

The state-owned lender Bankia presented error-strewn accounts during its corruption probe

Health Minister Ana Mato resigns over Gurtel scandal allegations

Judge Pablo Ruz accused her of benefiting from illegal party kickbacks





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