Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Another former minister forced to deny taking illegal bungs in Spain

Foreign Minister Ana Palacio accused of taking 6,000 in cash as part of the so-called 'Barcenas Files'

Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy stands his ground

The Spanish Prime Minister resists pressure from opposition as PP scandal worsens

Father-of-two retrieves £1.3million

Keith Rule helped 46 British buyers retrieve the funds after a Spanish property scandal left them out of pocket

Developers face prison in Spain

Expats among hundreds of property owners allegedly defrauded by pair who failed to return deposits

ERE fraud investigation reveals missing files

Transactions to be studied after Junta ‘loses’ 175 cases in fraud scandal

Former employment councillor jailed without bail in ERE scandal

Antonio Fernandez was transferred to Moron prison first thing this morning on charges of fraud, misappropriation of public funds and bribery

Residents paying for mayor’s defense

The mayor of Alhaurin el Grande, who is facing charges of bribery and corruption, can use taxpayers’ money to cover his legal costs

Crouch to get extra time

Abbey Clancy has been in crisis talks with her mum in Majorca

Apprentice gets a ticking off

Alan Sugar being investigated over claims his purchase of parts of the Byblos Hotel was fraudulent

Bribery probe in just a year

Mayor of town only given independence in 2009 is arrested

More blues for flamenco mayor

Singing Jose Manuel now charged with creaming off 200,000 euros in new planning scandal