JUNTA ex-presidents Manuel Chaves and Jose Antonio Grinan are to be investigated by the Supreme Court for their alleged involvement in the ERE fraud scandal.

The court has opened a case against the Andalucian presidents to investigate their ‘direct or indirect’ involvement in the scandal.

The Supreme Court will also investigate three ex-councillors: Jose Antonio Viera and Gaspar Zarrias, and the former senator Mar Moreno.

All were allegedly involved in the fraud, which involved a fund set up with public money to help struggling companies.

Grinan and his predecessor Chaves were in office when the alleged fraud took place.

A writ issued by ERE investigating judge Mercedes Alaya estimates the extent of the alleged fraud committed over the course of a decade to be €136 million.

Alaya called for both Chaves and Grinan to be investigated in September 2013, indicating that there were grounds for them to be formally implicated.

It was left for the Supreme Court to decide whether to initiate proceedings against them, as both enjoy parliamentary immunity.

The Supreme Court judge will be Alberto Jorge Barreiro.

According to the Supreme Court, the facts as described by Alaya, could constitute malfeasance and misappropriation of public funds.

Both Grinan and Chaves have already expressed their intention to appear voluntarily before the court.

The court emphasised that there is no concrete evidence as of yet, making it ‘imperative to continue researching the facts’.

Meanwhile, Judge Alaya will continue investigating the 229 businessmen and former public officials accused of involvement in the case since 2011.

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