“There is nothing to choose between any of them they are all in it for their own gains and some more than others,” says a disgruntled Mijas Matters reader about politicians.

I have made no secret of the fact that I am working with the Partido Popular both in Mijas, and the Province of Málaga as well as offering a platform on Facebook for people air their grievances in Mijas Costa.

And yes, I am in it for my own gains; so, guilty as charged! But wait a minute, I don’t actually get paid for what I do, in fact, it costs me money and time.

Nevertheless, I am in it ‘for my own gains’. Don’t jump the gun, let me explain what I mean. I live in Mijas, and what is good for Mijas is my gain.

MIJAS: Town hall is not full of career politicians

I’ve spent many years working on the fringes of government in the UK as a consultant.

 Didn’t get paid for that either! Once a local politician gruffly introduced a meeting with, ‘There have been certain allegations made against my person, and one of the allegators is present in this room’.

Spain’s political image has been sullied by scandal-after-scandal in recent years to the point where people think that if you’re a politician you must be corrupt – which is completely illogical.

You know what, I’ve been overcharged in restaurants, paid for work on my car that I found out was never done, and been short-changed in shops. So, does that mean all waiters, mechanics, and shopkeepers are chancers? Course it doesn’t.

In local politics, career politicians are in the minority. By that, I mean people who get into politics at an early age and make their money from the public purse.

NOZAL: Speaking up for what is right

Local politicians, most of whom already have careers or businesses, are less likely to be career politicians.

So why do we do it? I am afraid that a ‘one size fits all’ answer is out of the question here. I am sure that there are those who see it as easy money as you need less qualifications to be a politician than you do to be a waiter, but to do the job well is difficult.

I work alongside Angel Nozal and his team because when Mijas gains, so do I.

And I start the piece with a quote from a disgruntled reader becuase she hasn’t got what she wanted from local politics – so are we all interested in our own gains?

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