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Former Valencia region president Zaplana faces up to 19 years in jail if convicted of corruption in Spain

TWO former Partido Popular presidents of the Valencian Community face long jail stints if convicted of corruption over the award of a regional Wind...

US govt Human Rights report slams both Vox and Podemos over press ‘harassment’

THE US State Department has slammed the political parties of Vox and Podemos over their ‘concerning’ treatment of the media in the annual human...

Politicians in Spain could get pay rise under new proposals – but where does all the money come from? 

MPs in Spain could receive a pay rise of just 0.9%  a year from next April under new proposals included in the General State...

Former soldier arrested after shooting at pictures of politicians in Spain’s Malaga

A FORMER soldier, who now works as a taxi driver in Malaga has been arrested for shooting at pictures of politicians.

AND THEN THERE WERE TWO: Six Catalan separatists freed, two remain

The six must post bail of €100,000 while Mr Puigdemont's deputy Oriol Junqueras and Catalan ex-Interior Minister Joaquim Forn must stay in jail.

Three days remain for political pact-making in Spain’s municipal governments

Local politicians are making promises left, right and centre to secure the pact they need to govern as the clock ticks down

Mayor of Benamocarra used public funds for personal lawsuit

A judge ruled that claims brought about against Abdeslam Lucena are ‘justified’

Named and shamed: the worst MEPs in Europe

Racists, homophobes and drug convicts...they are a strange bunch

New board game based on Spain’s corruption scandals

A board game called Corruptopolis has drawn inspiration from Spain's recent spate of corruption scandals

Podemos offer change from corrupt politicians

Set up by academics, teachers and economists, Podemos is a welcome change to the career politicians that everyone is, quite frankly, sick of

Spanish politicians and bankers targeted by expenses scandal investigations

Dozens of politicians, bankers and financial advisers embroiled in expenses scandal as Caja Madrid and Bankia come under investigation

Restauranteur issues plea to save Axarquia homes during protest group meeting

Restauranteur makes passionate defence of the thousands of irregular homes in the Axarquia region

Campaign against political corruption

A pressure group is urging Spain kick out dirty politicians

Home truths shame Spain

Just when you thought UK politicians were the world’s greediest, author Daniel Montero has revealed the excesses enjoyed by Spain's ruling elite





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