CARLES Puigdemont has ruled out fresh regional elections to stop Madrid implementing Article 155.

The move would pave the way for the central government to strip Catalunya of its powers after Puigdemont declared independence on October 10.

The Catalan leader said Spain’s government hadn’t given ‘enough guarantees’ to call voters to the polls again.

‘IRRESPONSIBLE’: Puigdemont attacks Rajoy over Article 155 application

Branding Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s administration ‘irresponsible’, Puigdemont insisted applying Article 155 was ‘abusive’ and ‘outside the law’.

“We are disappointed to see that the demands and pressure for responsibility is there for some, while the others are allowed to be completely irresponsible,” said Puigdemont.

“Catalan society has taken us here. I have tried to retain serenity and explore all the options in my power.”

He added: “It is up to the Catalan parliament to decide what to do with the application of Article 155.”

Catalan MPs will now debate the plans to strip the region’s parliament of its powers.

Spain’s Senate will meet tomorrow when it could approve the unprecedented implementation of Article 155, which was activated by Rajoy last week.

Around 90% of Catalans voted for independence during this month’s chaotic referendum, which Madrid ruled was illegal.



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