MADRID is planning to have its greenest year ever under an ambitious 30-point plan.

The plan is called Plan A, ‘because there is no plan b’, according to mayor of the capital Manuela Carmena.

The city will start doubling its sidewalks at the end of January to give pedestrians an extra 58,000 square feet of space and a segregated bike lane along the Gran Via.

June will see the debut of the Zero Emissions Zone, which will only allow local residents, people with limited mobility, or zero-emissions vehicles to drive into most of the old city.

Between June and 2020, people who own or rent one of the few central parking spots will also be allowed access, but from 2020 on they will only be allowed to park there if they have a zero-emissions vehicle.

The city is also doubling its number of bikeshare bikes and extending docking stations for the first time beyond the M30 beltway.

The city forecasts a 20% drop in car usage by 2020.

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