‘MORE TO COME’: Fines won’t stop us, vow Arran

TOURISM haters in Spain have promised to continue their ‘war’ against holidaymakers this summer. 

Anti-tourism group Arran Paisos vowed to continue ‘fighting’ the affects of tourism on Mallorca in a message posted on social media.

It comes as 12 members of the group face prosecution after letting off flames near luxury yachts at Palma port last summer.


Their promise reads: “The tourism model of Mallorca and the whole of the Catalan countries is one of the main problems we suffer as a society.

“Evidence of its destructive logic and fighting to endanger its effects is not a crime.

“We are still at war to build a free society in which it is worth living.”

The 12 people alleged to have been involved in last July’s demos, which caused panic and fears of a terrorist attack, have been blamed for alleged crimes of public disorders, damages and threats.

It says Mallorca and other holiday destinations become overwhelmed in the summer, causing packed beaches, traffic jams, anti-social behaviour, dirt and noise.

The 12 Arran members face court in March and could be fined €1,200 each.

Arran claims that no-one was hurt and no damage was caused, arguing that they simply threw confetti at diners.

A spokesperson said: “Our intention was to get media coverage of our demands – we threw confetti in the restaurant, we picked it up and went.”


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